2015, Volume 4 Issue 2


Potential antiatherogenic effects of ocimum gratissimum
Julius Ogeng'o
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Henry Gray (1827 -1861), The Treaty of Anatomy, Descriptive and Surgical
Rafael Romero-Reverón
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A Case Report of a Massive Strangulated Left Indirect Inguinal Hernia Containing Small Intestinal Loops in the Scrotal Sac. Olatunji Sunday Yinka, Balogun Olubunmi  Ayobami
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An Anomalous Variation of the Common Peroneal Nerve Supplying the Gluteus Maximus Muscle in High Division of Sciatic Nerve. Rajakumari Rajendiran, Murugavel Manivasagam, Sudarshan Anandkumar 
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Regional Variation in The Microscopy and Tensile Strength of the Linea Alba in The Male Goat (Capra Hircus). Paul Odula, Jameela Hassanali, Stephen Kiama
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Neurodegenerative Potential of the Aqueous Leaf Extract of Ocimum gratissimum: A Histological and Biochemical Study. Ajibola Iyiola, Ibrahim Babatunde, Imam Aminu, Masud Akajewole, Safiriyu Abass, Etibor Temitope
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Variant Anatomy of Intracranial Part of Middle Meningeal Artery in a Kenyan Population.
Julius Ogeng’o, Beda Olabu, Mary Otiti, Beryl Ominde, Larry Mburu, Hemed Elbusaidy
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Perception to Dissection among undergraduate Students in a Nigerian Medical School.
Ukwenya Victor, Afolayan Olasunmbo, Halid Omobolaji, Olutayo Alese, Olajuyin Oyebanji
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Variations in Branching Pattern of External Carotid Artery in a Black Kenyan Population. Julius Ogeng’o, Musa Misiani, Poonamjeet Loyal, Kevin Ongeti, Jacob Gimongo, Martin Inyimili, Acleus Murunga
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Variability of The Lateral Ligamentous Complex of the Knee.
Ashaolu J.O, Makinde E.O, Ukwenya V.O, Olajide O.J, Ojo G.B, Oshinuga TS

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Histogenesis of Human Foetal Cerebellar Cortex CONTEMPORARY ART.
Krishna veni. S, Raju Sugavasi , Subhadra Devi .V

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Tunica Adventitia of the Aorta is an Active Vascular Compartment cialis canada.
Julius Ogeng’o, Phillip Mwachaka, Kevin Ongeti, Moses Obimbo, Beda Olabu
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Accessory Lobes, Accessory Fissures and Prominent Papillary Process of the Liver. Anatomical Report and Literature Review.
Alexey Pryakhin, Sergey Yukhimets, Elena Chernomortseva, Ainory P. Gesase

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